How to create an invisible DRIVE and FOLDER

Feb 27, 2009

Yes, it is possible to craete invisible drives that remain there only but nobody can see it.

The idea of creating this invisible drive struk my mind when I came to knew how to create a invisible folder. So i must first tell you how to create an invisible folder. To create an invisible folder first create a folder say“Ritesh”. Now right click on the folder and select Rename. Now while pressing ALT click 0160 (ALT+0+1+6+0) and hit enter. You will get a folder with no name. so our half process is done now you need to hide the folder to hide it right click the folder and click on

properties > customize > change icon

Now look for an empty space in the change icon dialog box and click on it and then click ok. Now you are done you will have an invivsible folder.

So you have created an invisible folder. Now, after creating invisible folder the idea of making invisible hard drive is quite simple

The only 2 problem are that

  • How to change drive icons.
  • How to remove drive letters.

First, Rename the drive that you want to hide by the method given above for folders.then follow these steps

  1. To change drive icons navigate to

HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer

Create a new key DriveIcons

In this key again create a key named C (Drive letter of the drive which you wnt to hide)

In this key again create a key name it  DefaultIcon

Now the path will be

HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer>DriveIcons > C > DefaultIcon

On the right pane you will find a string named Default double click the string and enter the full path of the balnk icon in it which is


which is the path of blank icon.

2. Now we have hided the drive icon now to hide drive letter from appearing navigate to

HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer

Now on the right pane craete a  DWORD name it ShowDriveLettersFirstand give it the value 2 in DECIMAL

Now Logoff/Logon your system to see the changes.


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