Windows 7 Architecture Theme

Jan 20, 2011

Microsoft has added a new theme to the Windows 7 personalization gallery called Architecture theme. The theme contain amazing architectural wallpapers from Czech Republic. The theme pack contains no less than 7 wallpapers and is available for download from the Czech version of the Windows Personalization Gallery.


Download Architecture Theme

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App Store and Touch Interface for Windows 8

Jan 18, 2011

Touch Interface for Windows 8

Touch Interface for Windows 8

According to some recent rumor reported by Paul Thurrott , Windows 8 will include a user interface optimized for the Tablet PC and slate-like Windows Phone 7, called "Mosh" (Modern Shell).

Microsoft could therefore have intended to use the Windows true and for the next generation of tablet, not a derivative of Windows CE (Embedded Compact) come The porting on 'ARM architecture, which Ballmer made a demonstration at CES 2011 , will have a slate tablet and efficient, fanless, and with great autonomy.

Applications for Windows 8 will be distributed through a new format (. Appx), which presumably will contain everything the application needs to function, including metadata to allow the system to update it with a single click and sync it all up user devices.

New applications will be written in Silverlight / WPF, and you can then use the same code, with minor modifications, to create an application that runs on standard PC Phone Windows 7 and the new tablet.

An App Store and Touch Interface for Windows 8 would be interesting feature what do you say?
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