Free - Its all we want! Where to get free legal torrents

Jun 8, 2009

We all know where to get our favourite music, movies, softwares etc... from internet yes obviously the best option is Torrents. But most of the torrrent sites a reputation for illegally distributing copyrighted content.
Some most popular sites are-

1. Iptorrents
2. MiniNova
3. Demonoid
4. ThePirateBay
5. IsoHunt
6. Torrentz
7. TorrentZEN
8. Btjunkie
9. Torrent-Finder

So for those who want to faught against Piracy here is a listing of some sites which provides you all your downloads for freee and yes legally.

1. Vuze - Music, videos, softwares
2. Public Domain Torrents - Classic movies and B-movies
3. eTree - Live concerts
4. Jamendo - Albums
5. Jamendo at isoHunt
6. MiniNova - Music, videos, software and games and ebooks.
7. Legit Torrents - Mostly software

If someone knows some other good site please let me know!

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How To: Share Interent betweeen 2 PCs

Jun 2, 2009

To share an internet connection between multiple computers, a proxy software is required. Several solutions such as FreeProxy and AnalogX are available online. Download and Install FreeProxy from It is simple and easy to use and also functions as a caching server and website filter/blocker.

To share a connection using FreeProxy follow these steps:

1. Click on Define > Define ports. Here you can define ports for HTTP, Socks etc (usually 8080, 1080 etc, Click on Done.
2. Now Enter this in the browsers setting on the PCs connected to the network. Click on Start/Stop to activate proxy server.

To Activate Caching:

1. Click on Define > Define Chache.
2. Tick the Activate the cache check box.
3. Select the control and data path.
4. Enter the size limit of cache depending on usage. 300MB should be fine.
5. Set the expiry to around 7 days. Click on done.

Happy sharing.

Image source:
Article source: Digit Magazine Page 87 FEB '09
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