Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 Free 6 months License

Aug 31, 2009

I recently came across this tread in TWC forum and taught sharing with you too. Windows Live in Collaboration with Kaspersky is Giving free 6 year license of Kaspersky Antivirus 2010. This is promotional offer from MSN.

How to obtain the key?
If you have Windows live messenger than
  • Login to your Windows Live Messenger

  • Add msn.help@live.cn in your contact
  • Open a Chat window and paste the following
  • 我要卡巴斯基激活码

  • This will return a license key to u through chat itself.
Now Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2010 Run it and activate it using this key.
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Windows 4 All

Aug 30, 2009

Windows4all is a Microsoft Silverlight based online virtual operating system. It is a website that emulates an operating system inside a web browser.

Windows4all.com replicates the desktop environment of a modern operating system. The user can launch applications right away without installation. -Wikipedia

Besides desktop, taskbar, start menu and sidebar, currently it includes such applications:

  • File Explorer
  • Internet Explorer
  • Video Player
  • Rich text editor
  • RSS reader
  • Chat
  • Notepad
  • Paint
  • Calculator
  • Games like Chess, Solitaire, Spider etc.

Have a look at Windows4All

Tip: While using it press F11 and your browser goes in full screen mode and you will get the feel like you are running an actual OS.
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Make your blog interactive with Wibiya

Aug 29, 2009

Before strating lets know What Wibiya is?

Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most exciting services, applications and widgets of their choice into their blog through customized web-based toolbars.
Our platform offers a one-stop solution for integrating, managing and tracking third-party applications.

Currently we offer a fixed set of tools such as creating a blog community via facebook connect,
enabling twitter alerts on your blog and enabling post navigation but there is a lot to wait for as we will be adding more and more application through time.

I didn't understand
Ok in simple words wibiya is a bottom bar which remains in your blog/website.

The bar is a semi-transparent overlay on your site which is home to a number of application or buttons. You can choose which buttons you want to use. Most are for your readers to find or share contents of your site easier or connect your readers with each other or you as the author. - Makeuseof.com

Following applications you can customize/add in wibiya

  1. Blog search
  2. Translate current page with Google Translater
  3. Recent posts
  4. Random post
  5. Games
  6. Subscribe to RSS
  7. Share with Social bookmarking sites
  8. Facebook Connect
  9. Twitter console
You can switch on of these applications according to your needs.

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Top Tricks, Tips and Hacks (August 09)

Aug 27, 2009

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Top 50 Bing Hacks and Tips

Aug 26, 2009

I am not here to show you how to exploit bing search but to make a better use of Bing, this is what i call the Magic of Bing while some call it as HACKS. Whatever you say here are some tips n tricks that might be useful for you.

Finding Information

From doing math without a calculator to getting definitions, use Bing to find this information quickly and easily.

  1. Use the background image. Hovering over different locations on the background image provides an opportunity to learn facts about the image or related topics.
  2. Do math. Enter a math calculation directly into the search box to compute anything from simple math to trig functions.
  3. Ask questions directly. Type a question into the search box and if the answer is located in Encarta encyclopedia, you will get an answer directly.
  4. Get definitions. Enter "define" or "definition" along with a word to find a definition of that word.
  5. Look up IP addresses. Type in IP: [IP address] (substituting [IP address] with the actual IP address) to find a list of domains associated with that IP address.
Image Credits: technet.com
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Ultimate Blogging Tutorial

Aug 21, 2009

You have read a lot of blogging tutorial but this ain't no tutorial this is just a guide to the best blog specific tutorials. You have never seen such a list of ultimete blogging tips, tutorials, hacks, tweaks atc at one place here I tried my best to bring all the best tutuorials available all over the net in a well formated form.

Note: All the tips and tricks given below are found on the net, I have just collected them and presented it in front of you none of them were written by me. Also if you get some more good tips and tricks do share with us so that we can upload that in this list


Add Read More link to your posts

Automatic post summaries (Read More hack)

How To Add The Blogger “Read More” Expandable Posts Link

Excerpts with a link to the post page- Post Summary

Add Yahoo smileys to blogger posts - Firefox Hack

Recent Posts with Thumbnails Widget for Blogger

Popular Posts Widget For Blogger - New

How to add related posts below every post

Related Posts with Thumbnails using LinkWithin

Meta Tags

How to add Different Meta tags to Different Blogger Posts

Adding meta tags to blogger(blogspot) blogs,websites-SEO

Social Bookmarking

Add AutoHiding Social Bookmarking Widget To Your Blog

Adding Posts to 30+ Social Bookmarking Sites

Add Social Bookmark Widget/Links to Blogger

Social bookmarking widget with opacity effect for blogger


Show Adsense below Post Title

Add 125x125 Ad Slots To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog


Styling your comments area

How to add Inline Comment Form under each blog post in Blogger

Show Commentators Photo inside comments in Blogger

Comment numbering in Blogger

Blog Interface Optimization

How to Add 3-Column Footer to a Blogger(blogspot) Blog

A Simple Dock Menu (FishEye Menu) For BlogSpot Blogs

Multi Level Drop Down Menu In Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs


Show Recent Posts Widget In BlogSpot / Blogger Blogs

How to show Top Commenters/Commentators widget on BlogSpot Blogs

Recent Comments Widget For BlogSpot Blogs

Add Easy Image Slider or Content Slider In Blogger Blog

Create a Customized Side Menu In Your Blogger / BlogSpot Blog

Create DropDown Feed Subscription Button & Social Bookmark Link for Your Blogs

Advanced Collapsible Multi-Tabbed Widget

Tabbed Sidebar Navigation for Recent Posts, Labels and Archives

Flash and Javascript Based Tag Cloud Widget for Blogger's - Blogumus

Random Rotating Post Headliner Widget for Blogger Blog - Google Ajax

Another Cool New Multi Tabbed Widget For Blogger

Syntax Highlighter Installation Guide in Blogger Blog - With no '/br' Error

'Top Post Widget' for Bloggers and Websites - PostRank

Access Older or Newer Posts With Page Numbering - Page Navigation Widget

Email me Page, Email me PDF of Page, Download PDF of Page - Badges for Blogs/Websites

Statistics widget for blogger

Check Google PageRank and Get Free PR Button Widget- Check1Get1

Page Popularity and Top popular pages widget for Blogger

New Blogger Archive Calender Widget

Show Twitter updates Widget for blogger

Text Resizer for Your Blogger Posts - Javascript, Widget

Free Google Language Translator Widget

Floating 'Subscribe' Button at Left Center of Your Blog

Add paypal Donation widget on your blog

Blogger Hacks

How to show html text in blogger posts

Sticky post in Blogger

Add a "Top of Page" Icon Link

Page Navigation Hack for Blogger

How to Install a Blogger XML Template

Top 10 Labels in Blogger Beta Layout!

Create Table of Contents in Blogger

Add captions to your Blogger Posts Images

Get Contact Form to Your Blog

Show Top Entrecard Droppers in Blogger

How to Redirect from One URL to Another - Blogger/Blogspot

Fixing Blogger Sitemap Errors and Warnings Inside Google Webmaster Tools

Add watermark (image or text) to Protect Your Copyrights

Submit Sitemap to Google, Ask, Yahoo, Moreover in Click

Show Entrecard Recent Droppers

Sidebar with rectangular Border and Round Header

Create Popup Image Viewer Using CSS in Blogger

Show Post Title First at Search Engines results Page

Display Elements only on Home, Item or Archive Pages in Blogger

Remove "Newer Posts" and "Older Posts" Links

Nice (link) Titles!

Showing only tags (labels) used >x times

How to install flash header in your blog

Add digg button to each of your blog posts

Show Only Post Title at Label and Archive Pages

Create Signature Online

Add Yahoo! emotions to your blog

Show Only Post Title at Label and Archive Pages

Create Bubble effect on your blog

Disable Text Selection in Blogger

Disable Right Click in Blogger

Recommended reading Before you go

What Is A Blog?

How to choose a blog name

Send “Thank You” Emails

Ask your readers

Copyright Law: 12 Dos and Don’ts

Update older posts

12 U.S. Laws Bloggers Should Know

Bloggers’ Rights

Forums: Are They Right For Your Blog?

Why Bloggers Should Have a Privacy Policy, and 9 Points to Include in Yours

10 Essential Legal Points for Bloggers

7 Things to Avoid While Leaving A Blog Comment

Create a List of Posts That Need Your Attention on the Comments Section

Six Rules of Blogging (That Also Apply to Twitter)

37 Ways to Make Blogging Easier

Image Credits: cadlbusiness.wordpress.com/
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Look insight what CHROME can do

Aug 19, 2009

Google sometimes before launched a website for the purpose of experimenting its new browser Chrome for innovative uses of web browsers and JavaScript. Till today they have got 50 and plus great work in javascript and other. They quoted in their official blog that-

When we launched Chrome Experiments in March, we wanted to create a showcase for innovative uses of web browsers and JavaScript. It was also our hope that artists and programmers from around the world would be inspired to submit their own experiments. Today, we're excited to announce that Chrome Experiments -- which started out as nineteen experiments at launch -- now points to fifty very impressive JavaScript experiments.

Some of these experiments are really cool I surf their blog for a while and found all the following works interesting, taught sharing with you

Wavy Scrollbars



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Ever wondered what all NEW Firefox offers You

Aug 18, 2009

See what’s new, what’s been improved and what’s just as awesome as ever. This is all you are having to read in this post.

Lets begin with the features I liked the most

Security & Privacy

Instant Web Site ID
Want to be extra sure about a site’s legitimacy before you make a purchase? Click on a site favicon for an instant identity overview. Another click digs deeper: how many times have you visited? Are your passwords saved? Check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries and make sure a site is what it claims to be.

Forget This Site *new*
Having second thoughts about having visited a certain Web site? With this feature, you can remove every trace of that site from your browser—no questions asked!

Anti-Malware *improved*
Firefox protects you from viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware. If you accidentally access an attack site, it will warn you away from the site and tell you why it isn’t safe to use. Firefox checks every part of a Web page before loading it to make sure nothing harmful is sneaking in the back door.

Clear Recent History *improved*
Clear all your private data or just your activity over the past few hours with a few quick clicks. You have full control over what to delete, and then your info is gone for good—on your own computer or the one at your local library. It’s that easy.

Anti-Virus Software
Firefox integrates elegantly with your antivirus software. When you download a file, your computer’s antivirus program automatically checks it to protect you against viruses and other malware, which could otherwise attack your computer.

Private Browsing
new Sometimes it’s nice to go undercover. When this feature is enabled, you won’t leave a single browsing fingerprint behind for others to discover. You can slip in and out of private browsing mode quickly, so it’s easy to return to what you were doing before as if nothing ever happened (you can also browse privately all the time).

looking for more here is a complete list
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How To: Cross check your Antivirus

I just came across this tutorial on one of my friend Vicky's blog. He just wrote a tut on how to see whether your antivirus is working properly or not.

Here's how:

1. Open Notepad
2. Now copy the below code in the notepad :


Save the file as "virus.exe" with cotes
Now here goes the actual stuff, if your Anti Virus just delete this file immediately as soon as it is created than that means your AV is working properly.

But all of you will are not as Lucky as that, so better scan this file with your AV if it still not delete it than its time to update you AV.

Now the GEEK stuff

The file (in our case virus.exe) that we have created is known as The EICAR test file (official name: EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File) is a file, developed by the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research, to test the response of computer antivirus (AV) programs.

The idea behind this is to allow people, companies, and AV programmers to test their software without having to use a real computer virus that could cause actual damage should the AV not respond correctly. - WikiPedia

Oh so that is for AntiVirus, so is there any such Geeky-Tricky stuff for AntiSpammers too?

Oh you are too curious and a real GEEKY guy if you are still reading till here, so for you, the answer is YES, like the above file you can also check you anti spammer by writing the following piece of code in notepad and saving it as Spam.exe


If your Anti-Spammer immediately detects and delete it than it is working correctly and if not than you know what you have to do!

Now you must be curious to know what's this file called, OK it is The GTUBE (Generic Test for Unsolicited Bulk Email) is a 68-byte test string used to test anti-spam solutions, notably those based on SpamAssassin.

In SpamAssassin, it carries an antispam score of 1000 by default, which would be sufficient to trigger any installation. - WikiPedia

Image Credits:mobilecastle.biz
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How To: Map Remap Keyboard Buttons

Aug 16, 2009

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How to: Control cursor movement Without Mouse

You can control your mouse pointer with keyboard keys in windows.

You may have face problem when your mouse stop working then to move cursor is a big deal, you have to do all operations through keyboard. When your mouse stops working, you can enable this keyboard mouse feature. This keyboard mouse can performs all tasks of a normal mouse.

To activate the keyboard mouse follow given steps:
  • First you should log onto your computer with administrative rights.
  • To activate this feature, press Alt+Shift+NumLock keys at once and you will receive a small MouseKey box.
  • To keep MouseKeys on, click on Ok button or click on cancel button to cancel MouseKeys box.
  • Click on Settings button, if you want to adjust the mouse cursor detail settings.
  • Here a new dialog box will appear with the title Settings for MouseKeys”, now you can manage all mouse settings for example mouse cursor speed, acceleration and some other features.
Now using Numeric keypad, you can move your mouse pointer. The controls are:

  • 1,2,3,4,6,7,8 and 9 keys are used to move the mouse cursor into different directions.
  • Key 5 is used as mouse click button.
  • Insert key used to hold down mouse button.
  • + Sign used to double click on any object.
  • Delete button used to release the mouse.
  • Click on NumLock button to disable this keyboard mouse feature.
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Send MP3 file as Scrap in Orkut

Aug 15, 2009

Orkut users say CHEERS! because the site which I am gonna reveal today will make you say Cheers to Orkut. Ever wonder that you can send a MP3 file with a slideshow of Hollywood/Bollywood movies via a simple scrap.

Yes by a scrap, ChirkutOnOrkut is the site which help you to enable this facility. Actually it will send a flash file therefore no need of buffering, thus you can listen the complete song at once.

Ok no more talks visit chirkutonorkut

here is a preview how the interface will look

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Copy images from your friend orkut album

READ MORE - Copy images from your friend orkut album

Bing Celebrates Independance Day with Us!

Today, 15th Aug. is India’s Independence Day. India became free from British Rule on 15th Aug. 1947. Whole country is Celebrating the day and in a Patriotic mood and now Microsoft's Bing has also participated in celebrating this day by providing there Home Page in Indian COLOR

The most famous speech given by Jawaharlal Nehru....the "Tryst With Destiny" address to the Constituent Assembly of India in New Delhi on the night of August 14th and 15th, 1947.

Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance. It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity.

Wishing you all Happy Independence Day

Not only Bing but Vodafone also Celebrates the moment

Vodafone - Independence Day with the Zoozoos

Now Orkut get in color of INDIA

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Add Your Current Location to Gmail Signatures Automatically

Aug 14, 2009

Gmail has now given its user a new feature which will generate signature at the end of the message regarding loction of the user. You can now instruct Gmail to automatically add your current geographic location to all your outgoing email messages so that recipients get to know where you are at the moment.

How it is done
Gmail first trace your IP address and then uses it to determine the city / state / country from where you are writing that email.

How to Add Location in Gmail email Signatures
Step 1: Enable the Location in Signature module from the Lab Settings of your Gmail / Google Apps of Gmail.

Step 2: Open the Setting tab of Gmail and select the check box that says “Append your location to the signature”.

That’s it. Here how the signature would look like on the recipients computer. Read more from Original source
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How to: Create Skin for Window Media Player

Aug 13, 2009

Creating skin for media player is a very easy task and to create your first skin read the article here

View in full screen

Here is final output

Download Skin
Alternate Link for Skin

Download PDF
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Quick site search using Chrome's Omnibox

Before starting the tutorial lets first see what's an Omnibox is?
Omnibox is a prominent feature of Google’s Chrome Browser. Omnibox is Chrome’s combined search and address bar, which allows you to use the address bar as a search bar. All you have to do is to type a search term in the address box (Omnibox) and press enter to see results from your default search engine.

But other than this there is a reaaly cool feature which is hiding in it, lets reveal that.
You can use your address bar to search sites that you've previously visited.

Say you frequently go to YouTube to watch funny videos. The next time you need a good laugh, just start typing "youtube" in the address bar. After a few letters, the address bar will automatically offer you the option to search the site.

Now the cool trick: hit Tab on your keyboard to convert the address bar into a search box for the site.

Then type what you're looking for and press Enter. Google Chrome will immediately bring you to the search results page on that site. In this case, you'll see YouTube's search results page for "dog on skates":

Use this "tab to search" shortcut to save yourself a few clicks the next time you want to quickly search a site.

Here is a video from Google Chrome Channel

Source: Official Google's Chrome Blog
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List of top free domain providers (No Ads)

Aug 12, 2009

What is more better than having your own domain name? But it comes with a cost, yet there are alternatives, all you have to do is to choose among them.

Here is a list of top free domain providers that will provide you free domain for absolutely free of cost. No hidden charges and no Terms and Condition's (*) just pure giveaway by them.

Here is the list
  • Freedomain.co.nr (www.Your-Name.co.nr)
  • Smartdots.com (www.YourName.net.tc, www.YourName.eu.tc,www.YourName.us.tc & many more)
  • Cydots.com (www.Your-Name.net.ms, www.Your-Name.us.ms,www.Your-Name.info.ms and more..)
  • co.cc (www.Your-Name.co.cc)
  • dot.tk (www.Your-Name.tk)

My favorite is dot.tk

If you know some more do share with us.

Image credits:howtosavemoneyon.com
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How To: Move from Wordpress to Blogger

Aug 11, 2009

WordPress though is a good platform for starting a new blog but it limits its user to avail facilities like using JavaScript and Ad sense, which are only available to premium blogger.

Have you ever wanted to move your WordPress blogs over to Blogger? But didn't find how to do that, and left the idea there

But now you can successfully transfer all your posts and comment from your WordPress blog to Blogger blog in just 3 simple steps.
  • Go to your WordPress account > Dashboard > Tools (Left hand side sidebar at bottom) > Export > Now click on Download Export File button. Save the downloaded file at desktop or any other location.
  • Now go to WordPress2Blogger site > Click on Choose file button > Browse to that saved document and click Convert. Now save the converted file at your local machine.
  • Open your Blogger Blog where you want to move all posts > Dashboard > Settings > Blog Tools > Click on Import blog and browse to the location of converted file and import it.

Similarly for those who want to move from Blogger to Wordpress

  • Just sing in to blogger whose posts and comment you want to move to Wordpress.
  • Now go to your WordPress account where you want to move all posts > Dashboard > Tools (Left hand side sidebar at bottom) > Import > Click on Blogger > Click on Authorize button > Click on Grant Access button > Now you will be able to see you blogger blog url and title name just click the Import button and you are done!
Some other links
Now heere is a Software utility that can transfer any type of blog either wordpress, blogger, livejournal to any other type. Download Blog2Blog ( updated March 9, 2009) This utility is provided to you via Linux Lore read complete Blog2Blog manual here

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Download all Windows version wallpaper

Aug 10, 2009

Microsoft has always changed its windows logo with every new version of Windows OS, this articlw will show you the changes in windows logo from the begining till WIndows 7.

This amazing pack bundle is provided to you via TheWindowsClub

Download Wallpack.
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Solve the ridddle and take away prizes

Aug 9, 2009

This is the first ever giveaway from askRitesh.blogspot.com, Today I have done a lot of changes to my blog I hope you guys like the Template Re-designed by me. Today I am really glad to announce the first ever Give-away, by answering below tech riddle you can won the a-squared Anti-Malware 4.5 paid version from EmiSoft as First prize worth US $40.and a HTML-CSS flash based Tutorial CD as 2nd prize from Indus Net academy worth Rs. 299.00. All you have to do is to answer the following Question-

Quest: What is the use of SCROLL LOCK Key present on the Key Board?

  • Leave a comment here indicating your name and email id, email id used should be one with which you are going to subscribe (So that we can know who are competing).
  • Send in your answers at ritesh.kawadkar@gmail.com with contest01_09 as the subject
  • Subscribe us to get all news related to contest
  • The best 2 answer will win 1st and 2nd prize
The best answer will win*

Contest closes on 9th August 2009

Comments are closed now!

Results Announced!
Only 1 contestant was able to answer the question right and also has followed all the rules, therefore only first prize is given to Gayatri Sinha she was awarded a squared malware license
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How To: Remove ads from GMail by using a single sentance

Here is a wonderful trick from Joe McKay, by just adding a single sentence at the end of your email you can now eliminate the Sponsored Links ads that show up on the top and right side of an email in your GMail inbox.

In his personal blog he has used the following sentence to disable ads "PS: Suicide death 9/11 murder".

He further explains says-
The solution is simple, when sending an email to a gmail user include a sentence or two that mentions catastrophic events or tragedies. Google does not use humans to read your email, only computers. These computers search for keywords that trigger the advertisements, however, if they happen to find a catastrophic event or tragedy Google errs on the side of good taste and removes the ads altogether.



I have developed my own sentence that will eliminate ads from GMail. Here is mine-
PS: This line is just meant to slaughter all ads from this email.

Now get your own line too or use the above one, if you got some more good phrases please share with us.

Source: Joe McKay’s blog
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How To: Install Server 03 in Virtual PC

How to install Windows Server 2003 on my PC? This is the question asked my "Rahul" and so many other askritesh fans. So I am here with my tutorial on how to install Server 2003 using Virtual PC 2007. Today I have also started a new Category in my blog called Server 2003, in this I will post How to install different type of server like Active Directory, DNS etc so don't miss any update SUBSCRIBE to us to get all these updates right in your inbox.

Microsoft Virtual PC (renamed Windows Virtual PC for the Windows 7 release) is a virtualization program for Microsoft Windows operating systems - Wikipedia

In this tutorial I will tell you how to install Windows Server 2003 on a Host PC by using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.


How To:
1. First open Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

welcome screen

2. Click on New

3. A New Virtual Machine Wizard dialog box will appear click Next

4.Under Options menu select Create a Virtual Machine and click Next

5. Under Virtual Machine Name and Location menu Give your Virtual machine a neame say Server 2003 and than click on Browse to save the vierual machine, when done click Next

6. Now from drop down menu select Windows Server 2003 and click Next

7. Select Using the Recommended memory and click Next

8. Selcet a new Virtual Hard Disk and click Next

9. Under Name and Location tab keep the default settings as it is and click Next and than click Finish

Till now you have created Basic settings for Virual Machine, now its time to install the Virtual machine which in this case is Windows Server 2003.
To install Server 2003 follow the given steps-

1. After doing all the above steps you will get the following screen

2. Now click on your newly created Virtual machine i.e. Server 2003 and click on Start

3. Now the following screen will appear

4. Now you have got 2 options either use Bootable CD/DVD or use ISO image
In case you have got CD, Click on CD menu and choose the Physical Drive (your CD/DVD drive) else choose ISO image and Browse and choose the ISO file.

5. As soon as the console detect the CD or ISO image the following screen will appear on your screen. Click on F8 key to boot in Text mode

6. Now select 1, as in my CD choosing option 1 will insatll Server 2003

7. Now when you see EULA click F8, if F8 don't work try CTRL+ALT+F8, if this too don't work than look for Function key in you Keyboard, turn it On and than click F8.

8. Now in next screen you can either partition your Virtual Hard Disk or simply install it on the default C: drive without partioning. If you don't want to partition go to step 10

9. For partioning click press C
  • Give the amount of space to new partion and hit enter

10. Click on the partion you want to install your Server and hit Enter

11. Now select Format Format the partition using NTFS system

12. Now setup will start Formatting the system

13. After setup format the system and installed necessary files it will again Reboot, now again you have press F8 to boot in Text mode.

14. This time press ESC to boot from Hard Disk

15. Server 2003 will begin installing on the Virtual HD

16. Setup the following dialog boxes as they occur.

Regional and Language option

Personalize your Software

Your product key

Licensing Mode

Computer name and Administrator password

Date and Time settings

Network Settings

Now wait for 30 minutes so that server will install,

Now here are the final screenshots

hope you understand how to install Windows Server 2003 by using Virtual PC 2007, similarly you can install any other Operating System (Linux or any other Windows OS) by using the same procedure, as you all know how to install an OS. Though if you need any kind of support feel free to ask your queries.
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