Hidden pages in Google Chrome

Mar 15, 2009

You must have already started using Google chrome as your web browser, and for sure you have liked it a lot, but did you guys have seen some hidden pages in Google chrome, and also a Screen saver, if no than type below given codes in address bar and check it yourself.

so here is the list of all hidden pages with codes and screen shots

1. about:version

Here is the full list just type the below codes in address bar and click enter to see....

  1. about:objects
  2. about:version
  3. about:crash
  4. about:%
  5. about:ipc
  6. about:histograms/Loop
  7. about:dns
  8. about:cache
  9. about:network
  10. about:internets
  11. about:chrome-nativeui
  12. about:shorthang
  13. about:hang
  14. about:memory
  15. about:stats
  16. about:plugins
  17. about:histograms
Thanks to "blogsdna" and "Sammer" for this information


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