How to :Get a Free Rapidshare premium account- No Hacking

Mar 7, 2009

Yeah you read that right, you can get a free Rapidshare premium account for free. Actually VIPRAPID  is giving away a free Rapidshare Premium Account to all its member. 

So how to get that?
  • First Register here
  • Start posting there as soon as your total posts count become 20 you will become VIP member and get a Free Rapidshare Premium Account
  • Also not only you will get premium account you can earn money through this forum too
20 post = 1$                    you must have 2 referrals to collect.
100 post = 5$                  you must have 4 referrals to collect.
200 post = 15$                you must have 8 referrals to collect.
300 post = 30$                you must have 12 referrals to collect.
400 post = 100$               you must have 16 referrals to collect.
500 post = 250$               you must have 18 referrals to collect.

  • Apart from that there are a lot of contests and freebies and $ to won every day so join it today.
  • To get registered visit here 


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