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Mar 28, 2009

Today Internet has became a boom, almost everyone in the world is connecting to it and making most of it. Umm... are they really making most of it? I have been using internet from a long time and i have came across a lot of sites which makes you feel Lucky.

In this post i will tell you about those websites which help you a lot, whether in getting free goodies, downloading games, softwares etc.. or even getting, buying gifts and etc and etc.. So lets see what I have for you-

To begin with I will start from getting free stuffs from internet. Well torrent is the best option but there are still other options remaining have a look at them. So lets begin with Music as i think it is the most searched term in internet...

Before begining I would like to tell you that i will be providing only one or two sites that because I think all you are finding will get satisfied from these.

1. Music
JustHearIt - It is a flash-based online song search engine that lets you search the Web for any song you want. Not only you can Here the song you can even create a playlist of your own and even download the song by just one click. And what more its all Legal as per they says. It is my favorite one because I can find world wide music in just one place and with really good interface.
Download Music: yes

RadioBeta - It is a really good website for radio lovers. It contains all over world subscribed radio. Currently, RadioBeta boast a collection over 7,800 radio stations from around the world, and thats the biggest right now.
Subscribed Radios: 7,800

2. Movies
OnlineWatchMovies - It has the biggest collection of Online movies collection I have ever seen. Not even that a day by day increasing movies database and from different languages and even some dubbed too. They currently have all Indian language movies and Hollywood movies.

Download Movies - This is my favorite search engine to find all the movies, You will find almost all the movies from here just go on search for the movie and download it.

3. Ebooks
PDFSearch Engine - This is the best search engine i have ever seen. there are a lot of ebooks in pdf formats apart from that there are sheets, presentations etc for free to download and read. You can read the document before download.

4. Softwares
FileHippo - What is better than FileHippo when it comes to software this is ultimate place to download softwares. There are a lot of categories of softwares available to download for free.

There are more to come in this page keep watching this page for more... and also if you know some more good sites which you think can be the part of it please tell me by leaving a comment.

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jagoan neon said...

This day, internet just like a new virtual market that just get more real and real.. We could get anything there.. all you have to do is open the connection and search. That will work.

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