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Mar 26, 2009

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Well this post is for those kind of people who usually don't install any antivirus program and also for those who uses antivirus for security. You may have seen that sometime your antivirus could not detect a virus/malware etc. but the other antivirus do that.

So it seems difficult for you to uninstall your favorite antivirus program and install a new one, as two antivirus can not work simultaneously efficiently on a single machine, therefore you can opt for an another alternative that is to check your computer online for viruses. In this post i will tell you a lot of popular and free online virus scanner that you can use to get rid of viruses/spywares and malwares etc...

1. Norton Security Check Scan Now!

2. One Care Scan Now!

3. Kaspersky Scan Now!

4. McAfee Antivirus Scan Now!

5. Bit Defender Scan Now!

6. Eset NOD32 Scan Now!

7. Avast Online Scanner Scan Now!

8. Panda Security Scan Now!

9. Trend Micro Scan Now!

10. Computer Associates Scan Now!



Vicky said...

That is really a helpful post . Actually you can compare these antivirus without actually installing them . Its a very nice and helpful post.
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shammi said...

nice work.
really nice post....!

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