How To:Copy images from your friend’s orkut profile

Apr 1, 2009

Well there are a lot of method to that, I am explaining 3 important method

Method 1.
For Internet Explorer users:

  • Click "Tools">"Internet Options"
  • Click the "Security" tab
  • Click "Custom Level"
  • Scroll down to the "Scripting" section
  • Set "Active Scripting" to "disable"
  • Click "Ok".

For Firefox users:
  • Click "Tools">"Options"
  • Click the "Content" tab
  • Uncheck "Enable Javascript" (Set "Enable Javascript" to "disable" )
  • Click "Ok".

Now you can just right click on any photo and selects save as image from options to save photo. Hope it helps you. If not see the tutorial below-

Method 2.


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