How to: format USB drive into NTFS format

May 1, 2009

There are a lot of benifits of using NTFS format rather than default FAT format in Windows XP. For those who really understand what they get from NTFS here is the tutorial which will tell you how to format your USB/flash/pen drive in Windows XP.

Before beginning let just have a look on some special features of NTFS
a.) Allows you to encrypt your files.
b.) Allows file compression.
c.) Aloow you to transfer/send large files.

1. Plug in your USB drive that you want to format.
2. Right click on My Computer and go to Properties > Hardware tab than click on Device Manager Button.
3. Now Expand Disk Drives, and Right click on your USB/Flash Drive and select Properties.
4. Go to Policies tab and select for Optimize for Performance and apply.

Yooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!!

It's all done, now just open explorer and right clgk on your Pen drive and select Format, now you will find NTFS formating option too.

or you can just type Format X: /FS:NTFS
in Run dialog box, where X is replaced by your USB drive letter.


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