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Jun 8, 2009

We all know where to get our favourite music, movies, softwares etc... from internet yes obviously the best option is Torrents. But most of the torrrent sites a reputation for illegally distributing copyrighted content.
Some most popular sites are-

1. Iptorrents
2. MiniNova
3. Demonoid
4. ThePirateBay
5. IsoHunt
6. Torrentz
7. TorrentZEN
8. Btjunkie
9. Torrent-Finder

So for those who want to faught against Piracy here is a listing of some sites which provides you all your downloads for freee and yes legally.

1. Vuze - Music, videos, softwares
2. Public Domain Torrents - Classic movies and B-movies
3. eTree - Live concerts
4. Jamendo - Albums
5. Jamendo at isoHunt
6. MiniNova - Music, videos, software and games and ebooks.
7. Legit Torrents - Mostly software

If someone knows some other good site please let me know!


Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed!! I'm really interested in just learming.... but i'm poor!! So I do think you are very humble about your skills, and if this sounds really be it! THANKS

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