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Sep 5, 2009

Google provides a lot of products and services, but many of us don't know about all of them yet. Apart from their services Google keep on updating their services also some tweaks and Hacks of them too... in the official blog of their particular service.

Here is what google have to say

About our blogs
Whether it's a product or feature launch or a cool new initiative, chances are that you'll read about most news from Google on one of our blogs. We started blogging in May of 2004 and now have a network of company blogs that cover topics as diverse as our renewable energy policies, product updates, developer challenges and code snippets, and information for advertisers and partners.

The Official Google Blog
Insights from Googlers into our products, technology, and the Google culture.
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Public Policy Blog
Google's views on government, policy and politics.
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Public Sector Blog
Developing products and ideas to help the public sector
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European Public Policy Blog
Google's views on government, policy, and politics in Europe
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Mac Blog
Macs inside Google.
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Online Security Blog
The latest news and insights from Google on security and safety on the Internet.
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Open Source Blog
News about Google's Open Source projects and programs.
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Research Blog
The latest news on Google Research.
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Student Blog
Google news and updates especially for students.
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Testing Blog
If it ain't broke, you're not trying hard enough.
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News and notes from Google's philanthropic arm.
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Watching video change our world
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The list has not finished yet if you want to see all of them visit Google Blog Directory


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