Make Your CD-ROM Read DVD's

Oct 19, 2009

Make Your CD-ROM \ CD-RW To Read DVD’s To Watch Movies


There Are Two Types Of CD-ROMS That Can Be Modded
1) 24x – 40x
2) 40x – 52x

Drives From 2x – 24x Are Too Old, So They Cannot Be Modded

We Have To Go With Laser Head Adjustment

The Track Pitch Of CD’s Is 1.6 microns & The Tracjk Pitch Of DVD’s, The Minimum Length Of Track Pitch Of CD’s Is 0.843mm & The Minimum Length Of Track Pitch Of DVD’s Is 0.293mm, As-a-result DVD’s Can Store Much More Data In The Size Of A CD.Now We Need To Adjust The Laser Head So That It Can Read Discs With Shorter Track Pich.

Lets Start

Open Up The CD-ROM / CD-RW, You See The Lense On The Rail This Is The Laser Head, On The Side Of The Laser Head There Is A Screw You Can Adjust [This Is The Master Key For This MOD]

This Screw Adjusts The Size Of The Laser Beam That Lands On The Disc, The Laserbeam Should Be Less Than 0.293mm, To Read The DVD’s, To Do This Turn The Screw 2 – 3 Times, I Got This Number After Lot Of Trials [Don’t Forget How Many Times You Have Turned The Screw] [Safer Way : Keep A Note Of It]

Now We Go With Speed Adjustment

DVD-ROM Plays DVD’s Smoothly At 4x Speed, Now We Are Modding A 32x ROM To Read DVD’s, If DVD’s Are Read At 32x Speed, It Can Cause Damage To Both DVD As Well As The CD-ROM, So We Need To Decrease The Speed.
Power Supplies Can Provide 5V [Red Wire] & 12V (Yellow Wire) Electricity Output For Molex Connectors. Find The Molex Connector You'll Plug Into The Modded CD-ROM Drive, Cut The Yellow Wire Or Insulate With Tape, So Only 5V Of Electricity Is Transferred To The CD-ROM Drive. The Speed Of The Drive Is Now 32 * 5/17 = 9.41x & Can Now FulFill Our Requirements.

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