Undetectible Computer Spy

Nov 10, 2009

If you open up Google and start typing spy tool than you will get a thousands of them but no one of them is as feature rich as Computer Spy. This tool help allows you to secretly spy on your computer when you're not there, without any signs of it happening, and all just in 5 second.

Easy To Use & Undetectable Total Computer Spying Tool Covertly Monitors Passwords, Chatting, Photos, Websites & More - BrickHouseSecurity

I don't think I need to mention what is its helps as you know that already most of you use spy tools to monitor your PC activities and some of you to monitor others, whatever be the case Computer Spy is the best option to choose.

Just three simple steps and thats it no one can ever know that you are spying on their PC.

Some general Computer Spy  features that I liked-
  • Record all Keystrokes,
  • Remember Websites Visited,
  • Undetectable By Most Anti-Spyware Applications,  thats make it BRUTAL
  • Total Surveillance - Record All Computer Activity - Even On Other User Accounts,
  • And Capture Screen Shots w/o Hardware and got a lot of memory to0...
Total Surveillance - Records all computer activity even on other user accounts, most of the Spying tools available these days don't have such a rich feature of spying on other user accounts too. Thats why when it comes to spying I prefer Computer Spy.

For more information of the product visit Computer Spy


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