5 Cool Websites Part – 3

Jan 26, 2010

Today we have included some really interesting websites, that even may help you to save few bucks from your pockets. So check out the most interesting coolwebsites that we discovered, all are free websites and will help you, if not right now than may be later. We suggest you to Bookmark these websites.
If you came across any website or want to include your website in our list than please contact us at coolwebsite@beingpc.com
cool websites1 5 Cool Websites Part   3

So here are the today’s 5 websites that interest me and may interests you too.
1. Free Online File Conversion
ZamZar is dedicated to helping you transform your songs, videos, images and documents intodifferent formats. Have you ever wanted to
convert files without the need to download software? If yes than ZamZar can help you achieving this in 4 simple steps described below.
 5 Cool Websites Part   3
It is worth noticing that ZamZar is still in its Beat (it has a collection of thousands of file types) phase but is working out fine, if only they could have used some attractive interface than it may have attracted a lot of user. It is the simplest and best way to convert your Files online.
2. Check which games will run on your PC

Many time you want to know whether your computer supports the minimum system requirement for the latest game you want to play, for this the best option is to check the game homepage, but most of US don’t know whats is our current system configuration than how should we check/confirm whether a particular game will run on our computer or not.The answer is-
can you run it How To Check which games will run on your PC
What it does?
This site provides a One-Click solution that looks at your computer’s hardware and system software to determine whether or not your current system can run a product. Each of yourcomputer’s components is evaluated to see how well it meets the minimum and recommended requirements for specific products. Recommendations are made on how to update or upgrade each component which does not meet the listed requirements. Sometimes, a simple, free software download is all that is needed. Sometimes you’ll find that you need a different videocard to fully experience what the game has to offer.
 How To Check which games will run on your PC
All you have to do is go to Can you run It. Choose the name of the game for which you want to check your system requirement and click on Can U run It button.
3. Watch BollyWood and hoolyWood Movies Online
onlinewatchmovies.net is the most popular website for watching BollyWood andHollyWood Movies Online for free. But at the front note I would like to tell that this website is not tied up with any company, so its not legal to watch movies from this website. All the movies in this website are not on their servers (Clean Sweep for the owner if anyone file a case against them), all movies are uploaded to youtube and other websites.
So if you are movie lover and want to see movie online for any reason this is the best website for watching free movies online.
4. Post anything on the net with just an email

Posterous lets you post things online fast using email. You email them at post@posterous.com and they reply instantly with your new posterous blog. If you can use email, you can have your own website to share thoughts and media with friends, family and the world. Posterous is NOT a micro blog. There’s nothing micro about it! There are no limits to what you can post.
 5 Cool Websites Part   3
You can send anything! Posterous will accept any file you send and convert it to the most web friendly format available. They’ll host everything and publish it online instantly. You can attach any type of file and it will be posted along with the text of your email. Learn More about them here
5.Send Free Faxes Over the Internet
Need to send a fax to someone but you don’t have one? FaxZero lets you send a fax to any fax machine in the United States (including Puerto Rico) or Canada for free. You don’t need a fax machine yourself, but you do need a valid e-mail address.
logo 5 Cool Websites Part   3
It doesn’t requires registration and all you need to do is to fill in your particulars, including the other party’s. Users can only fax 1 document per fax and it currently only supports .DOC and .PDF files. If you just want to fax plain text, simply type it in the textfield provided. Definitely, there will be some limitations such as you can only fax a maximum of 3 pages per document and up to 2 free faxes daily.
There record shows that till now total 2,200,768 faxes had been sent successfully.

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James said...

GotFreeFax.com also allows user to send free fax online to the US and Canada. User can either upload a PDF/Word file or enter text to fax. Plus, it does NOT add Ads to user's fax and is suitable for faxing formal documents.

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