4 Unique Science Project Ideas for a More Interesting Science Fair

Mar 1, 2010

Applying the human’s circulatory system to a car’s control-system design, making a snail’s mermaid necklace into a useful material, and using biotechnology as experimental product testers are some of the most unique project ideas for are a more interesting science fair project.

Interesting science fair projects require of having unique ideas to be able to catch interest and attention during science fairs. Developing a unique idea entails a lot of brainstorming about the general interest of people. Such unique idea should also be timely with the current concern of the society to draw attention. Examples of unique ideas for unique science fair projects are pointed out below:

Applying the human’s circulatory system to a car’s control-system design

When one would derive ideas from a technological genius like mother nature, it would likely result to a unique project. The latest technology provides complicated systems that can only be beneficial to a one sided degree. In relation to the demand of a more innovative control-system vehicles, an idea of understanding a person’s heartbeat would lead to a more efficient control-system designs among cars. The circulatory system has a variety of control schemes that enable a person to react for safety or survival. Applying this idea on a car’s control feature would promote safety and unique innovation. Introducing this ideas as an intial science fair project could be a unique starting point for the development of a more unique integrated designs that is generally demanded today.

Making a snail’s mermaid necklace into a useful material

Who would ever thought that a common snail called whelk could produce something useful? The snail’s gooey remains is called mermaid necklace. The discovery of mermaid necklace as a strong elastic substance had led to open possibilities of more scientific innovation. It has been proven that mermaid necklace from whelk snails have a strength compared to that of a plastic and are elastic as rubber. From these facts one could already think of limitless useful products and materials that can benefit from the mermaid necklace’s characteristics. Since the usefulness of mermaid necklace is not a common knowledge, products or materials made from these substance could be one of the most unique science fair project you could develop.

Using biotechnology for experimental product testing

Biotechnology has greatly reached advance innovation mostly for the development of human welfare. Biotechnological advancement have also gained popular criticisms and issues. While most pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic companies used animals to test their products, it is most beneficial to develop biotechnological species as product tester in replacement for animals. Developing this species for the latter cause mentioned earlier would be for the common good. With this principle in mind, one could easily develop a unique scientific project topic for science fair projects that would surely catch the interest of animal rights advocates and pet lovers alike.

From this informative unique science fair project ideas you could surely have a lot of project topic in mind. Be sure that before proceeding to developing a topic, references and materials should be enough to be able to efficiently reach the project’s goal. With a little imagination, creating the most interesting science fair project would never be difficult.


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