10 minute mail

Mar 19, 2009

A ultimate site which provide email for only 10 minutes and after that your email expires.

You will be given a temporary e-mail address. Any e-mails sent to that address will show up automatically on the web page. You can read them, click on links, and even reply to them. The e-mail address will expire after 10 minutes.
Why would you use this? Maybe you want to sign up for a site which requires that you provide an e-mail address to send a validation e-mail to. And maybe you don’t want to give up your real e-mail address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This is nice and disposable. And it’s free. Enjoy!

Get my 10 Minute Mail e-mail address.


Vicky said...

Its a decent trick . BUt most of the forums we join are permanent.

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