Make Mozilla Firefox look like Google Chrome

Mar 20, 2009

Google chrome is a huge success most of you liked it, but for those who still prefer Mozilla as there favorite browser, but liked Chromes interface, than just read the article and follow the instruction to make your Mozilla look like Chrome.

First download Chromifox. After installing this addon you will get the interface like below.

As you can see it is somewhat similar to Chrome but tabs are below the toolbar to make toolbar appear below the tabs download Total ReChrome. After installing it your browser would look like this.


you can just install Chrome package which will completely make your mozilla look alike Chrome. Here is the screenshot after installing Chrome Package.

But still menu bar is there to remove menubar install this addon Hide MenuBar after installing you will get this

Now you have seen there are most visited page in Chrome to get that page install Speed Dial addon. This will give you the most visited page tab.


Sidd said...

Speed Dial is a better option .Then again this is also good.,

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