Virtual Barber

Mar 17, 2009

Most of you already know about virtual barber but a lot of you don't, for those who don't know what virtual barber is here is a small explanation. Virtual Barber as its name says is a barber shop which make you feels that you are cutting your hair. Don't rely ok just listen to the mp3.

The ‘Virtual Barber’ (aka ‘Virtual Barbershop’, ‘Virtual Haircut’) is a binaural recording of someone getting a haircut. It starts off with you sitting in the chair then you hear the virtual barber coming in the door. The virtual barber then proceeds to give you a virtual haircut. You can actually hear him breathing down your neck. This recording is very realistic and immersive, a must hear.

Before listening to it wear up your Headphone, and yeah make sure that you wear it properly so as to get good 3D sound effect.

or you can listen it here


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