Prevent get Reviewed in by some Geeks

Sep 16, 2009

Few days ago I launched my first software as a freeware with the help of TheWindowsClub and I would like to share some stats with you.

First 24 hours:

  • 373 views of blog post and 58 downloads. via TWC
  • 44 views of blog post. via askRitesh
  • 148 Views (WinMatrix)
  • 38 Views (ThinkDigit)
  • 48 views (Merawindows)

After Prevent get reviwed by Major geeks here is the stats from the MajorGeek
Downloaded: 247 Times
Rating: 4

After an hour or so it get reviewed by Majorgeek some other big name also added in th e list-

UPDATE some cool websites also reviewed prevent :

Download Prevent


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