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Sep 15, 2009

Promoting your site isin't an simple task there are lot that you have to do, today while surfing the net I read a lot of articles about it and most of them has the listed below things in common.

1. Submit your website to the three major search engines

Here are links to submit your site to Google, Yahoo and MSN:

2. Verify your site with Webmaster Tools and submit a sitemap

3. Submit your site to Google Local Business Center
4. Submit your site to website directories
5. Submit articles to article directories

A few article directories to get you started:
6. Get involved in social networking

A few social networking sites:
7. Consistently add more content

via Yola

8. Recommended reading Before you go

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melves said...

interesting, better to apply some that you mentioned. :)


Technofrolic said...

intresting content...
but it is not so easy as it looks

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