James Cameron’s Avatar: Review

Jan 6, 2010

James Cameroon Avatar
We all have see James Cameron’s stereoscopic 3D graphics multimillion dollar film Avtar, which is successfully running in the cinemas yet. (If you haven’t seen it yet! Stop reading article buy yourself a theater ticket and please yourself by seeing this movie) Playing Avatar was not much different from any other third-person shooter. One thing that seemed to have worked in this game’s favor is the decision to develop the game independently from the movie storyline. Of course, the game is set in the same world as the movie and at least a couple of characters from the movie have reprised their roles in this game. However, the game’s story does not follow the exploits of Jake Sully from the movie; rather it explores the alien world of Pandora through the perspective of a code-breaker working for a private mining corporation called the RDA.
The games kicks-off by introducing the alien moon of Pandora and puts you in control of the game’s protagonist named Corporal Lance “Able” Ryder. After a brief sortie in the surrounding lands, the game picks up when Able Rider is initiated into the Avatar program.
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