Why Google Chrome is fast?

Jan 4, 2010

Fist of all Happy New Year to all beingPC readers, if you missed our last post than you would be glad to hear that we have achieved an milestone by getting Google PR 4 in the first 45 days of launch, its all because of your support. Please continue your support and I will continue to provide unique and new information which keeps you update. In this process of information sharing today I bring you the most asked question by people which is What makes Google Chrome so fast?

Google Chrome fast
For all those Geeks reading this article if you want to dive into the full technical intricacies on what makes Google Chrome a fast and responsive browser, Google had put together video interviews to walk through some of the engineering involved. They have provided inner working of Chrome which includes -
  1. DNS pre-resolution,
  2. the V8 JavaScript engine, and
  3. DOM bindings.
However they haven’t tell us about WebKit and UI responsiveness. Though they have promised to cover these section in later posts. You can watch these interview below or for more information head up to Chromium Blog.
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