Windows XP Quick Launch in Windows 7

Jan 4, 2010

I got a mail last night from one of beingPC reader he asked me that his he has Upgraded his system from XP to 7 and now his Quick launch bar is missing in Windows 7, how can he get it back? Truly saying I have never used Quick launch bar, in XP days but I don know about it. So I go to my Windows 7 task bar right clicked on it and go to toolbar option but I didn’t found Quick launch toolbar.

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Then I Googled and found that Quick launch Bar is not available in Windows 7, so how should I get it back. I have visited a lot of post but most of them are buggy so after trying for 15 minutes now I am able to have a Quick launch Bar on my PC (though I am not going to use it anyway), So here are the steps that I followed to get back my Quick Launch Bar
quick launch bar
  1. Right-click on the taskbar and choose the Toolbars and add a New toolbar. (This will open a Choose a folder dialog to choose a directory that will be displayed as the toolbar.)
  2. Goto %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer (just copy/paste and hit enter)
  3. Now create a folder Quick Launch under this folder and use that as the directory for the new toolbar and click OK. (may be you will find Quick launch Folder already in there so in that case no need to create another just use that one only)
  4. Thats it, you have just created a quick launh toolbar, you can see it in right corner of the taskbar right next to the system tray.
  5. And you have your Quick Launch back…
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