3 Important Requirements in Applying as a Reseller for Authorize.net

Mar 9, 2010

Shopping cart developers, point-of-sale developers, web developers, web hosting firms, cyber service providers, systems integrators and better-quality resellers, independent software vendors and anyone with merchant customers are the qualified resellers for Authorize.net. You only need a merchant bank account, a payment gateway and a shopping cart to acquire a reseller program.

Qualified individuals who buy authorize.net are given the consent to set up an Authorize.net account that can manage their clients and register new ones for their payment gateway and as well as e-check services. They help new merchant account applicants by answering questions and providing important details on merchant accounts or payment gateway services. Not just anyone can be resellers of Authorize.net. If you are one of the following with the requirements mentioned below, then you are fit to do the job

Qualified resellers
Shopping cart developers
They are brains behind a software application that allows online customers to place a product in a cyber basket and filing an order for it. The payment is non-cash for customers and it is credited to the merchant account itself.

Point-of-sale system developers
This time, transaction isn’t made online but through direct business. The transaction is done with the aid of retail business equipments such as credit card terminals, cash registers, optical and bar code scanners, magnetic card readers and computers. The developers of such technologies are qualified to become a reseller in Authorize.net.

Web developer
A web developer is an engineer for software and he develops World Wide Web applications and programs that run from the web server to the web browser.

Web hosting firms
Web hosting firm is a destination for websites and web services with problems. They provide Web Hosting tools such as website designs, security, consumer reviews, ratings, and post-sale comments and round-the-clock customer support. The people who make this possible are one step closer to being an Authorize.net reseller.

Cyber service providers
An Internet service provider or commonly abbreviated as ISP or sometimes referred as Internet access provider (IAP), is a company that provides internet access to its customers and other cyber affiliates.

Systems integrators and value-added resellers
 Value-added also means better-quality. So, the name speaks for itself. These persons specialize in unifying component subsystems and making sure that those subsystems function well together. Instead of having many applications, one information technology will do the trick for the necessary software and transactions.

Independent software vendors

They are largely known as ISVs who are dedicated to making and selling software, appropriate for mass marketing or for niche markets. They offer exceedingly beneficial merchandise for individual companies and professionals in their chosen field via online.

Anyone with merchant customers
These refer to the certified owners of an online business that transacts through credit or debit card processing. They sell merchandise or provide services to their clients via the World Wide Web.

Requirements for Application

Merchant bank account
This type of bank account will be the destination of the payments agreed online for your business.

Payment gateway
A merchant account may also come with a payment gateway. This software makes it possible to accept payments through your client’s credit card.

Shopping cart
A shopping cart is a software application that allows an online customer to put in their specified orders in a basket as if he is shopping in a typical grocery. This is linked to your merchant account as it manages all credit card payments and it also comes with a security program that shields the credit card information and data of the customer and the seller.
If you are equipped with the qualities and the requirements above then sign up for a position as a leading reseller in Authorize.net. You will not only earn from it but you will also put those talents in good use.


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