Why Console Games are More Expensive than PC Computer Games

Mar 9, 2010

Console games are more expensive than PC computer games because console games are not easily pirated, have better graphics, easy and convenient, and have additional fees for its developers.
The cost differences between console and PC games might be very frustrating to some. Discovering the reasons why may help them gain some insight about the game’s value. Here are some information that can help you understand

Not easily pirated
This refers to the illegal download of software from internet sites. Console games can not be copied easily since it is not suitable with a computer. The cost of PC games decreases as the demand or purchase of these products decreases. Why would gamers spend money on something they could get for free? PC games are easy to pirate. Uploading and downloading these games in the internet is almost impossible to control.

Have better graphics
Console games have better graphics because of the use of advance technology. Most console games developers use improved technology such as DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Plus, if you own a flat, high definition TV screen then this would definitely be an added feature to console games.

Easy and convenient
Most people would really go for something that is easy and convenient. You can play it while sitting on a couch, lying on the bed. You may do this with PC games if you use a laptop but the ease console games could provide is not the same. Sometimes there is this added task of patching the video game. Also, there is always that possibility of buying PC games that are not compatible to your computer. Dave Spohn from About.com said that it is difficult to return PC games because they are easy to copy.

Have additional fees for developers
There are groups of people behind the production of console games. Developing console games are more complicated as it aims to provide higher quality of graphics and sound effects. Also, Ian from Digital Extremity also mentioned that there is no licensing fee to create a game for the PC thus raising the price of console games up in some cases by a slight margin.

PC games are still the number one choice for a lot of gamers. It is, after all, the cheaper version of your favorite game. It actually depends on the gamers themselves. Price tags do not matter as long as they are satisfied with their gaming experience. So if you were to choose between a console and PC game, go for the one that you think will be worth your money and time. Quoting from an anonymous source from Squidoo “Gamers, there may soon be nothing left to argue over since the two mediums are gradually converging!”


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