Who can give competition to Thesis

Mar 9, 2010

What we have learned so far is Thesis is the best SEO optimized wordpress theme and no one can compete with it in any matter, I too agree with that but there are always some exception. Ultimate Blogging Theme is a great theme with SEO capability designed by a kid blogger Carl Ocab who is 13 years old.
In words of Carl Ocab The Ultimate Blogging Theme has Google friendly Design, Optimal advertising placements, Easy navigation and an eye-grabbing look 

Features that make it distinctive:

Easy Install Logo Management
logo Who can give competition to ThesisYour Ultimate Blogging Theme header is the best place to put your logo. Right now, the default is text. If you decide to put up your logo, then the easy install logo management is designed just for that.
Just upload your logo, copy and paste the link in the form, then click. Done.
That’s easy.
Add Banners and AdSense Ads Without Touching Any Code
options Who can give competition to Thesis
One Click Color Scheme Switcher + Advertising Management + RSS Management. Allergic to touching HTML/CSS/PHP? No worry, Ultimate Blogging Theme is built for no-brainers – even a newbie who has no experience can use it.
The built-in theme options, lets you change the color scheme, add banners with one click, (works with AdSense too!) without touching any code.
7 Flexible Widgets
widgets Who can give competition to Thesis
Opt-in forms, pictures, affiliate links, best posts are just some of the contents that could fill these widgets.
You will get 7 most needed flexible widgets that you can use and customize as per your requirement. Right from Sponsors to recent posts and categories. Plus one more useful widget called frame switcher.
You’ll Attract More Advertisers
ads Who can give competition to Thesis
Ultimate Blogging Theme is based on the theme of my blog that rakes 4 figures monthly on Advertising alone.
No need to waste time and money testing for ad spots that work and do not work when you have a tried and tested theme ready to go.
Its the time to just put your ads and sit tight.
Easy Flexible Navigation
nav Who can give competition to Thesis
Like I said, Ultimate Blogging Theme is for no-brainers – when you create new pages, it automatically adds it into its navigation menu.
The menu is also prioritized for easy navigation around your site – one of the most important aspects of a design.
As I said it is completely SEO optimized
Get More Readers And Customers
rss Who can give competition to Thesis
One of the things that make a blog a blog is RSS Feeds (format for delivering changing web content). These feeds can be subscribed to – the more subscribers, the more people coming back.
I’ve optimized Ultimate Blogging Theme with that and placed it on the most prominent spot.
So what do you think, has this theme the ability to compete Thesis or not. Check out the Live Demo here. My Ranking: 10/10
ultimatebloggingtheme Who can give competition to Thesis
Demo | Download
So what do you think is this theme able to give a competition to Thesis theme?


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