Windows 8 Beta to be launched in 2011

Jul 18, 2010

Microsoft is bound to produce a few Milestone releases of Windows 8, before actually taking it to the next level, and producing the first Beta build. As per the news, Windows 8 could hit Beta as early as mid-2011, a year from now. Of course, all reports related to Windows 8 need to be taken with a grain of salt, since no actual details were confirmed by Microsoft.

Windows XP Windows 8 Beta to be launched in 2011
“With 150 million sold copies of Windows 7 later, we are now at a little after eight months since the latest major version of Windows was released, and almost a year since it RTM’d. Just the right time for Microsoft to start the actual coding for Windows 8″ says Microsoft.
Well nothing is confirmed yet. For enthusiasts who want to taste the feel of Windows 8 you can see some of the most probable Windows 8 Wallpaper and Windows 8 Transformation packs to get a feel of it, Though all are unofficial.


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