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Aug 21, 2009

You have read a lot of blogging tutorial but this ain't no tutorial this is just a guide to the best blog specific tutorials. You have never seen such a list of ultimete blogging tips, tutorials, hacks, tweaks atc at one place here I tried my best to bring all the best tutuorials available all over the net in a well formated form.

Note: All the tips and tricks given below are found on the net, I have just collected them and presented it in front of you none of them were written by me. Also if you get some more good tips and tricks do share with us so that we can upload that in this list


Add Read More link to your posts

Automatic post summaries (Read More hack)

How To Add The Blogger “Read More” Expandable Posts Link

Excerpts with a link to the post page- Post Summary

Add Yahoo smileys to blogger posts - Firefox Hack

Recent Posts with Thumbnails Widget for Blogger

Popular Posts Widget For Blogger - New

How to add related posts below every post

Related Posts with Thumbnails using LinkWithin

Meta Tags

How to add Different Meta tags to Different Blogger Posts

Adding meta tags to blogger(blogspot) blogs,websites-SEO

Social Bookmarking

Add AutoHiding Social Bookmarking Widget To Your Blog

Adding Posts to 30+ Social Bookmarking Sites

Add Social Bookmark Widget/Links to Blogger

Social bookmarking widget with opacity effect for blogger


Show Adsense below Post Title

Add 125x125 Ad Slots To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog


Styling your comments area

How to add Inline Comment Form under each blog post in Blogger

Show Commentators Photo inside comments in Blogger

Comment numbering in Blogger

Blog Interface Optimization

How to Add 3-Column Footer to a Blogger(blogspot) Blog

A Simple Dock Menu (FishEye Menu) For BlogSpot Blogs

Multi Level Drop Down Menu In Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs


Show Recent Posts Widget In BlogSpot / Blogger Blogs

How to show Top Commenters/Commentators widget on BlogSpot Blogs

Recent Comments Widget For BlogSpot Blogs

Add Easy Image Slider or Content Slider In Blogger Blog

Create a Customized Side Menu In Your Blogger / BlogSpot Blog

Create DropDown Feed Subscription Button & Social Bookmark Link for Your Blogs

Advanced Collapsible Multi-Tabbed Widget

Tabbed Sidebar Navigation for Recent Posts, Labels and Archives

Flash and Javascript Based Tag Cloud Widget for Blogger's - Blogumus

Random Rotating Post Headliner Widget for Blogger Blog - Google Ajax

Another Cool New Multi Tabbed Widget For Blogger

Syntax Highlighter Installation Guide in Blogger Blog - With no '/br' Error

'Top Post Widget' for Bloggers and Websites - PostRank

Access Older or Newer Posts With Page Numbering - Page Navigation Widget

Email me Page, Email me PDF of Page, Download PDF of Page - Badges for Blogs/Websites

Statistics widget for blogger

Check Google PageRank and Get Free PR Button Widget- Check1Get1

Page Popularity and Top popular pages widget for Blogger

New Blogger Archive Calender Widget

Show Twitter updates Widget for blogger

Text Resizer for Your Blogger Posts - Javascript, Widget

Free Google Language Translator Widget

Floating 'Subscribe' Button at Left Center of Your Blog

Add paypal Donation widget on your blog

Blogger Hacks

How to show html text in blogger posts

Sticky post in Blogger

Add a "Top of Page" Icon Link

Page Navigation Hack for Blogger

How to Install a Blogger XML Template

Top 10 Labels in Blogger Beta Layout!

Create Table of Contents in Blogger

Add captions to your Blogger Posts Images

Get Contact Form to Your Blog

Show Top Entrecard Droppers in Blogger

How to Redirect from One URL to Another - Blogger/Blogspot

Fixing Blogger Sitemap Errors and Warnings Inside Google Webmaster Tools

Add watermark (image or text) to Protect Your Copyrights

Submit Sitemap to Google, Ask, Yahoo, Moreover in Click

Show Entrecard Recent Droppers

Sidebar with rectangular Border and Round Header

Create Popup Image Viewer Using CSS in Blogger

Show Post Title First at Search Engines results Page

Display Elements only on Home, Item or Archive Pages in Blogger

Remove "Newer Posts" and "Older Posts" Links

Nice (link) Titles!

Showing only tags (labels) used >x times

How to install flash header in your blog

Add digg button to each of your blog posts

Show Only Post Title at Label and Archive Pages

Create Signature Online

Add Yahoo! emotions to your blog

Show Only Post Title at Label and Archive Pages

Create Bubble effect on your blog

Disable Text Selection in Blogger

Disable Right Click in Blogger

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Ask your readers

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Update older posts

12 U.S. Laws Bloggers Should Know

Bloggers’ Rights

Forums: Are They Right For Your Blog?

Why Bloggers Should Have a Privacy Policy, and 9 Points to Include in Yours

10 Essential Legal Points for Bloggers

7 Things to Avoid While Leaving A Blog Comment

Create a List of Posts That Need Your Attention on the Comments Section

Six Rules of Blogging (That Also Apply to Twitter)

37 Ways to Make Blogging Easier

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