Stop Cut, Copy, Paste & Delete by Prevent

Sep 13, 2009

Prevent v 1.0 is a freeware app which runs on all Windows. If you don’t want anyone deleting or renaming or messing around with your data, maybe your younger sibling, then Prevent may be able to help you.

The downloaded zip file consists of:
1. Prevent.exe
2. Pre_1
3. Pre_2
4. Read Me file.
5. Uninstall

Run the Prevent installer setup. The installer only places the Prevent folder in the system Program Files folder. A desktop shortcut will also be created. To run the program, click on Prevent. Set your Hot key to stop Prevent. You may set it as Ctrl+P if you wish. Hotkeys Win+F8 kills Pre_1 and Win+F9 kills Pre_2, too. But the single hotkey set by you will kill all Prevent processes at the same time.

Prevent :
1. Stops Cut
2. Stops Paste
3. Stops Copy
4. Stops Delete
5. Stops Copy To
6. Stops Move to
7. Stops Send To
8. Prevents renaming
9. Disables Task Manager’s End Process button. Also it doesn’t allow you to right click on process name and click on end process. It also grays out the context menu items, disable Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V and/or stops the process.

To uninstall or remove Prevent, use the Uninstaller situated in the Prevent folder or simply delete its Program folder.

This was my first app released as a freeware by TheWindowsClub.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Ritesh, i like your application. you done very good job, but can you make it to work on any individual folder or file, coz i don't want to disable this option on the whole computer, can you make it please.

Ritesh Kawadkar said...

^nice idea
could be in the next version of Prevent :)

Anonymous said...

OK, i'll wait for your next new version, will help me to protect my pesonal file.
Thanks in Advance

Anonymous said...

prevent rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
send me the code on my email id
waiting for your mail....

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